Monday Markets - A Midas Clutch: Tales of Opulent Horror - Jan 2018 (via @lethepress)

Lethe Press is looking for tales of opulent horror for their anthology: 'A Midas Clutch':

Lethe is seeking weird and eerie stories of people consumed by wealth. Each tale must be suffused with the trappings of the well-to-do. Decadence should be paramount. However, we do not want these tales to be moralistic; we're celebrating those who can buy the finest things in life...they just happen to be the leads in a horror story. The better stories will incorporate status and wealth as both character traits and elements of the plot. For an excellent example, we recommend "Dirty American" by Lara Elena Donnelly or "His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood" by Poppy Z. Brite. Our preference is for stories that are contemporary but we are willing to read and purchase a few historical tales.

They're after short fiction between 4,000 and 14,000 words, paying 5c/word for original, and 2c/word for exceptional reprints. You have a lot of lead time here - they're closing in January of 2018.

Check it out here:

Monday Markets - Trouble the Water: Tales from the Blue anthology, Nov 1 2017 (via @rosariumpub)

Here's an exciting new pro (and reprint) paying anthology coming up from Rosarium Publishing: Trouble the Waters:

TROUBLE THE WATERS: Tales from the Deep Blue will be a new anthology of water-themed speculative short stories that explore all kinds of water lore and deities, ancient and new as well as unimagined tales. We want stories with memorable, engaging characters, great and small, epic tales and quieter stories of personal and communal growth.

They're after short fiction from 2,500 to 7,000 words, paying 6c per word for originals, and 2c per word for reprints. The cover is amazing too!

You have until November 1, so get writing!

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Argot Magazine (via @argotmagazine)

Argot Magazine is actively looking for submissions:

We’re interested in writing and visual art that spans the worlds of queer culture, the feminine narrative, marginalized communities, and politics and culture.

Are you an engineer struggling to succeed in a sexist environment? A non-binary cosplayer who’s found your perfect nerd community? A teacher with lupus who constantly questions how much to divulge about your disability?

We’re interested in the margins, in questions of alienation and community building, but it doesn’t stop there. Tell us about your activism, your healing moments, your isolation and danger.

They're paying for poetry, fiction and non-fiction fiction for a queer audience. Shorter pieces start at $50 and they max out at $250 USD for 4,000 word long-form works (just on 6 1/4c per word). Support paying literary mags!

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - AFTERMATH: Explorations of Loss & Grief - Aug 15, 2017 (via @radixmedia)

Radix Media is reading for their upcoming anthology, 'Aftermath':

[...] an anthology that will examine what it means to face the consequences after tragedy strikes. The theme is left intentionally open, giving contributors the freedom to tell their story as it is most relevant to their experiences.
[We] strongly encourage typically underrepresented voices to submit. If you are a person of color, queer, trans, disabled, or any combination of these, we would especially love to hear from you.

They're after unpublished fiction and non-fiction between 500 and 3,000 words (paying 6 US c/word). Poetry pieces are $35, and they accept comics and visual art at $10 per page (or $50 per work, whichever is greater)

Dates close August 15, so if you have a piece ready or in mind, submit, submit, submit!

Literarium link here:


Monday Markets - Bawajigan: Stories of Power Anthology - Oct 1, 2017

Only for indigenous authors, and mostly for Canadian ones, but narrow demographics don't scare us here at Literarium:

Are dreams merely wish fulfillment? Can they offer healing, guidance or insight through psycho-analysis? What do dreams reveal or conceal? Are they another level of reality? Do computers, AI entities, or androids dream? Are we living inside of a holographic universe? What do animals or monsters or ghosts or devils dream about? What if two people had the same dream? What if there were predators that stalked our dreams? What if designer-dreams became just another product to sell? Do dream-worlds exist? Are dreams multi-dimensional or cross-dimensional realities? Who is that dream-man or dream-woman? What if a dream came true? What if they always came true? Do places incite specific times of dreaming? Are we our ancestors’ wildest dream come true?

They're after short fiction up to 5,000 words, paying 5c CAD/word. They'll accept stories in indigenous languages if accompanied by an English translation, and will accept submissions from non-Canadians, although due to government art funding 90% of their authors must be Canadian or expats paying tax to Canada. Hey, at least their government is offering funding, right?

Check them out here:

Monday Markets - Year's Best Body Horror - Aug 2017 (via @GehennaBooks)

I don't want to make it look like we're just pushing horror markets here, but hey, have another horror market! Gehenna and Hinnom Press are after body horror submissions for their first anthology:

We are seeking stories for this anthology that are of a Cronenberg-style theme. If you don’t know who David Cronenberg is, we suggest watching clips or the entire length of films such as Videodrome, The Fly, and Scanners.

Genres can meld together. Science fiction, horror, weird fiction, cosmic horror, fantasy, all of these are acceptable as long as the stories don’t deviate from the body horror nature of the anthology.


They're looking for flash and short fiction between 250 and 8,000 words, including reprints. Pay is a token 3c per 10 words, with a minimum of $5 USD for pieces 2,000 words and below. I've done the math for you and it caps out around the $25 mark.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Down with the Fallen Anthology - July 21, 2017 (via @thefranklinkerr)

Franklin/Kerr Press is reading for their Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Horror anthology, 'Down with the Fallen' (Due 21 July). They're:

[...]looking for exceptional horror short stories with post-apocalyptic and dystopian themes or settings for our upcoming horror anthology Down with the Fallen. Stories can cover a wide variety of horror sub-genres such as sci-fi, splatter, psychological, suspense and the weird as long as they have a substantial dystopian or post-apocalyptic element.

They're after 2,000-8,000 word stories, paying a token $5 per 1,000 words, as well as a contributor print copy and a split of profits. Might be worth a look. They'll accept any number of submissions, which is nice, but of course they'll only accept one per author.

Read on for the Literarium market listing here:

Monday Markets - Red Room Magazine

Red Room magazine is a new extreme horror publication by Comet Press, and they're reading for their first issue, with a deadline of July 1, 2017 (though they're generally open to submissions):

Red Room Magazine focuses on publishing dark, disturbing, extreme horror and hardcore, dark crime. We want stories that are well plotted, and not just gore for gore’s sake, although we think gore is a good thing (and encouraged, along with blasphemy, subversive subject matter, graphic violence and language, etc).

They're looking for short fiction up to 4,000 words, as well as 1,000 word essays, interviews and shorter reviews. Payment is 3c USD per word. They also buy reprint rights for art, at #30 a pop. They're also that rare genre market that will accept simultaneous submissions! Support them by sending them something messed up.

Check out the Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Severed Press (via @severedpress)

Occasionally we cater to the slightly longer form writers among you. It's not always magazines and anthologies around here! Severed Press is looking for manuscript submissions from around 30K words in the horror/SF genres:

Killer sea creatures or monstrous kaiju fiction: Creature features about monsters that come from the deep, or maybe even somewhere more terrifying. Dinosaurs : Lost world adventures featuring terrifying creatures from the past. Military horror/sci-fi: Like Predator or Aliens, a military unit faces off against an unknown threat from beyond the stars or from another dimension. Apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic scenarios (including TEOTWAWKI or SHTF): Stories that explore the end of the world or life after it: zombie outbreaks, alien invasions or whatever else may serve as a harbinger of the end times! LitRPG: Stories where characters are transported or trapped within an online game, usually a MMORPG . LitRPG blends traditional science fiction and fantasy with gaming elements and mechanics. LitFPS: Stories that blend fiction with First Person Shooters.

They're looking for queries for novellas and novels from around 30K words, although some start at 60K words (eg. Military). If there is no response within 21 days consider yourself rejected, which is at least nice turnaround, and they accept simultaneous submissions (usual courtesy applies). Payment is otherwise negotiated via contract.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Anathema: Spec from the Margins (via @anathemaspec)

Anathema magazine is looking for original SFF fiction and non-fiction from queer people of colour:

We are open to any form of genre or speculative content. We talk about what we do as "SF/F/H, the weird, slipstream, surrealism, fabulism, and more," elsewhere on the site. But we are not limited to those genres. Use them as a starting point and send whatever you want: as long as it's got some kind of speculative content we'll consider it. And we are also interested in seeing work that has been difficult to place because of content or perspective.

They're after short fiction and non-fiction. Flat $50 CAD for fiction from 1,500 to 6,000 and non-fiction from 1,500-3,000. Cover art (original or reprint) pays $100 CAD. They'll be open again in May, so get writing (other open sub windows are January and September).

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Welcome to Miskatonic University - June 30, 2017 (via @BrokenEyeBooks)

Broken Eye Books is reading for their next anthology, 'Welcome to Miskatonic University':

Miskatonic University is still going strong in the Arkham Valley (and in various satellite campuses and research stations around the world). Resilient and forward thinking, few institutions can weather the times and adapt like good ol' MU. It's a strange brew of conservatively reaching into the past while progressively marching forward. And it's a hotbed for the weird and the wonderful! So what might a modern MU look like? What might student life be like today? These tales combine college life and the cosmic weird. Of course, there's beer, sex, and parties; study groups and all-night cramming; campus activism and impassioned discourse; vital research and faculty struggling for tenure. But also, you know, gruesome and psychedelic cosmic weirdness.

They continue to pay a solid 8c USD/word for flash fiction up to 1,000 words and short fiction between 3,000 and 6,000 words. Simultaneous subs accepted and a deadline of January 31, 2017. Make it happen!

Read on for the Literarium market listing here:

Monday Markets - Twisted Moon Magazine

Mixing it up here and presenting 'Twisted Moon Magazine', which opens on rolling submission periods during the year (currently closed, but keep an eye out for them):

Twisted Moon is a magazine of erotic speculative poetry. We want your tales of naked witches dancing by moonlight, the smell of your ghost lover’s skin, the whispered memories of dying stars as they yearn across galaxies. That poem you read to your lover over the phone just to hear their breath catch.

They are looking for poetry only, up to 100 lines, paying $10 USD per poem. Support them!

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Boston Review Global Dystopias - May 1, 2017 (HT: @incognitiously)

The Boston Review has a special call out for Global Dystopian fiction and non-fiction:

Over the last decades dystopian narratives have proliferated to the point where they seem to have become our default mode for conceptualizing the future. But dystopias are not merely fantasies of a minatory future; they offer critically important reflection upon our present. If (as Tom Moylan has argued) traditional dystopias crafted cognitive maps of the terrors of the twentieth century, what cognitive maps does our current dystopian turn provide us of our turbulent global present?

We are seeking essays, interviews, and fiction from writers around the globe that engage the theme of dystopia. Nonfiction, personal essay, genre fiction (SF, fantasy, horror, Afrofuturist, slipstream), and work that resides across/between genres are welcome..

They're charging the increasingly offensive $3 Submittable fee (none of this goes to them, it's just the first non-free Submittable tier) for fiction and non-fiction on the theme of Global Dystopias. Work up to 5,000 is requested, but there's no mention of payment. Deadline is May 1, 2017!

Literarium link is here:

Monday Markets - Broad Knowledge: 35 Women Up to No Good Anthology - 30 May 2017 (via @upperrubberboot)

Upper Rubber Boot Books is reading for their anthology 'Broad Knowledge: 35 Women Up to No Good', which is part of their Women Up to No Good' series:

This anthology will be themed around the idea of knowledge (learning/science/education/training/etc). Stories may be funny or serious, set anywhere on or off the world, in any time period, but must feature female protagonists whose knowledge is integral to the plot/conflict.

Note: Authors must identify as female, non-binary, or a marginalized sex or gender identity..

They are paying pro rates of 6 US cents per word, up to 5,000 words

Check it out here:

Monday Markets - Cat's Breakfast Anthology - April 15, 2017

Third Flatiron opened up last month to submissions for an anthology celebrating Kurt Vonnegut's particular flavour of wry science fiction. They are reading for 'Cat's Breakfast':

We want this anthology to pay tribute to the imagination and inspiration of the ineffable Mr. Vonnegut. Note that we'd prefer you avoid using Vonnegut's characters or settings explicitly; rather, we'd like you to "channel" his attitude into a speculative fiction piece of your own

They're paying $0.06 USD per word for fiction between 1,500 and 3,000 words, and close on April 15. Worth checking out if you were a fan of Kurt Vonnegut!

Literarium link is here:

Monday Markets - Unnerving Magazine

Unnerving Magazine is looking for:

[...] short story submissions of horror, dark science fiction (light), dark fantasy and dark literary. Generally leaning strongly toward horror over other genres. Sex, gore and violence are welcome in moderation (nothing gratuitous). The same goes for bizarro works, nothing too far gone (whatever that means). Please no hard science fiction, sword and sorcery fantasy, erotica, romance, humor that isn’t sinister or literary works that venture so far into experimental that they become nonsense

They're paying 1c a word for short fiction of unspecified length. Note they're also open to short story collections and novels, so check them out here:

Monday Markets - Mythic Delirium Magazine

Mythic Delirium is opening for submissions from Mar 1 to May 1.

Mythic Delirium is an online and e-book venue for fiction and poetry that ranges through science fiction, fantasy, horror, interstitial and cross-genre territory— we love blurred boundaries and tropes turned on their heads. We are interested in work that demonstrates ambition, that defies traditional approaches to genre, that introduces readers to the legends of other cultures, that re-evaluates the myths of old from a modern perspective, that twists reality in unexpected ways. We are committed to diversity and are open to and encourage submissions from people of every race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and religious belief.

They're looking for short fiction and poetry, paying 2 USD cents/word for short fiction up to 4,000 words, and $5 per poem.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Chiral Mad 4 Anthology - May 31, 2017

Chiral Mad volume 4 is open for submissions, and the key is collaboration:

Unlike past Written Backwards projects, this fourth volume in the critically-acclaimed series of anthologies will be a completely collaborative effort of originality, collecting 4 short stories, 4 novelettes, 4 novellas, and 4 graphic adaptations (to celebrate this 4th book), all co-authored and/or co-created. And the anthology itself will also be co-edited! The goal of Chiral Mad 4 is to help bring our creative community together, to make us stronger, to strengthen relationships already in place, and to help create new relationships entirely. It’s time for all of us to play nice, to get along, and to do what we do best: create somethings out of nothings… and we’re going to create these beautiful somethings together.

They are paying pro rates of 6 US cents per word, up to 20,000 words, split evenly between contributors. There is also one slot spare for graphic illustration work (up to about 10 pages) but you will need to query them directly first.

Literarium listing over here:

Monday Markets - Samovar Magazine

Strange Horizons is publishing the new Samovar Magazine, which focuses specifically on works translated into English:

We publish fiction and poetry in their original language and in English translation. We showcase the work both of writers and also translators, who we have to thank for opening doors to new worlds. [...]

There is a vibrant community of speculative fiction writers, readers and publishers out there, and many fantastic magazines devoted to new and established voices. We hope to make that community even more global and inclusive through encounters with different languages. 

They're looking for short fiction up to 5,000 words, paying 6c USD/word to both the original author and the translater (they'll accept longer works, but cap their pay rates at $300 USD). They also pay flat rates for poetry and non-fiction.

Samovar is open to submissions now and brand new, so if you are a translator, start talking to your non-English author friends for some stories and poetry (and essays, interviews)! And if you are an author of non-English stories, and you're reading this, find some translators.

Check them out here:

Monday Markets - 2017 Flame Tree Publishing Anthologies

Flame Tree Publishing is at it again with their beautiful hardcover silver-foiled annual anthologies. This year they are looking for four anthologies, paying pro-rates for unpublished and reprinted works alike:

Lost Worlds will be packed with dark valleys, high mountain passes, dinosaurs, dark creations and hidden tribes.

For Supernatural Horror, your work will join the chilling classic stories of M.R. James, Edgar Allan Poe and more.

Time Travel: from H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Edward Page Mitchell, tales of travelling back and forth in time have brought us ancient and future civilisations, terrifying visions and cautionary tales. Now we’re looking for some brand new stories too.

Heroic Fantasy: Somewhere between epic historical fantasy, sword and sorcery and Tolkien-esque fantasy exists a thick vein of storytelling that would make Robert E. Howard and H.G. Wells proud. We’re looking for savage swordplay, and high magic, daring deeds and gaudy battles.

You have until the end of February 2017 to submit. Target word count is 2,000-4.000 (though that is described as 'most likely to be successful', so I marked it down as 1,500-4,500 in the listing). 6c USD/word for reprints is pretty unusual so have a look at the themes and see what you like.

Literarium link is here. I've linked to the publisher so you can see all their open anthologies in one place: